Summer means kids are out of school, outdoors and super active. The risks of mouth injuries that affect the teeth increase during summer months, so here are a few tips to help you keep them safe.

Bikes, Skateboards and More

This is the season for accidents. Don’t let a chipped tooth be one of the consequences! Head injuries are the most common injuries for kids on bikes, scooters, in-line skates and skateboards, and a high percent of those injuries are made worse by no helmet. Make sure your children have helmets that fit appropriately and they know how to put them on correctly. It is important to have your child with you when purchasing a helmet so they can try it on.

Teach them basic safety like

  • Always stop before riding into traffic.
  • Look both ways before trying to cross streets.
  • If there is a bike path, use it. Otherwise ride on the far right in direction of the traffic.
  • Ride or skate in single file.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Never try to hitch a ride on the back of a moving vehicle.
  • Pay attention for uneven surfaces or items in the path while riding or skating.
  • Do not race in areas where there is any traffic.

Contact Sports

When playing sports outside like basketball, soccer or baseball there are many risks to the teeth. The best protection is a mouthguard. Like a bicycle helmet, a mouthguard should be fitted and worn correctly for it to protect the teeth as needed. They can be purchased directly from many dentists or at sports stores.

A mouthguard used correctly can protect from tissue damage to the mouth, painful lacerations and tooth damage. Teach your children good sportsmanship to reduce some injury risks. They should also wear appropriate clothing and footwear for their sport to reduce the chances of tripping or falling.

Swimming & Water Play

Many parents are surprised to hear their children can lose a tooth when playing in the water. Jumping and diving, overcrowded pools and inappropriate horseplay can cause injury. Never leave your children unattended in water and pay attention to how they are playing. They should always walk in a pool area. They should also be thoughtful of how many people are near them and adjust their games accordingly. An elbow in the mouth can be pretty painful! Water safety rules are about more than only reducing drowning risk but also keeping the body – including the mouth – safe.

Keep Up Oral Health

Good oral healthcare is important year round, but sometimes gets neglected in summer. Your children are likely eating more ice cream or popsicles and drinking more sugary drinks to stay well hydrated.

  • Switch out the sugary drinks for water as much as possible.
  • Encourage them to rinse their mouth with water after eating or drinking sugary items or fruit.
  • Don’t let them neglect to brush and floss at the end of the day just because they are worn out.
  • Make sure they are getting sufficient calcium to help protect their teeth.
  • Keep up with their cleaning schedule and talk to the dentist about any concerns.

Summer is an exciting and fun time. No one wants their fun spoiled by a trip to the emergency room or an emergency dental visit. Being safe is usually about being aware, and teaching your children how to be aware young sets them on a path of safety for life. If you have questions or concerns about your children’s oral health and safety Kids Dental Specialist is the leading source for dentistry for children in Chino, CA.

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