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Chino's Pediatric Dental Specialists

Getting a child to go to the dentist is often not the easiest task, but at Kids Dental Specialists, we strive to make the process easier and more comfortable for your child. We are aware that children often experience fear about visiting the dentist, and since our staff specializes in dealing with children, we know just what to do to turn a visit to the dentist into something your child actually looks forward to.

Waterlase Dental Technology

waterlase-dentistry-ontarioIs your child afraid of going to the dentist? The top 5 reasons people avoid going to the dentist are;

    1. Pain
    2. Takes too long
    3. The sound of the drill
    4. Needles
    5. Anxiety

Our advanced WaterLase technology makes each visit easy and pain-free. No scary drills and no needles = less anxiety for you and your child. Make an appointment at Kids Dental Specialists today!

We Serve Children & Young Adults

Specializing in pediatric dentistry also means that we are knowledgeable about the unique dental needs that children have, and we use our skills to ensure that your child’s teeth are as healthy as possible. Although our practice specializes in children, we also offer dental services to young adults.

Ensuring that children have access to quality dental care is critical. Teeth are delicate body parts that need a significant amount of attention in order to develop appropriately. Neglecting dental needs during childhood can lead to problems later in life that are difficult and expensive to correct. Problems with a smile can be avoided by visiting a dentist regularly in addition to practicing proper oral health habits. Let us take care of your child’s dental needs along with educating them on what they can do to promote their own oral health. It is our pleasure to serve both children and their families.

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