Use the Tooth Fairy to Teach Good Dental Habits

Use the Tooth Fairy to Teach Good Dental Habits

The Tooth Fairy Isn’t Just For Lost Teeth

The Tooth Fairy is a time-honored tradition when it comes to handling children and the inevitable loss of baby teeth. As frightening as it can be for a child to lose a first tooth, the promise of a Tooth Fairy’s visit- and the rewards she leaves- can make the experience just another milestone and help your child to look forward to the gain of adult teeth. Is the Tooth Fairy just a mechanism for handling lost baby teeth? She has more functionality than that! While it may seem that the health of baby teeth is nothing to be concerned about- after all, those teeth will be gone before your child reaches adolescence- it’s absolutely vital that dental hygiene be part of a child’s daily life. Not only does the groundwork help establish lifelong habits, the health of baby teeth can actually benefit the incoming adult teeth. Preventing gum disease, bacterial build-up and keeping the placement of baby teeth naturally even will help adult teeth come in without weak enamel or crowding.

Here are a few steps in using the Tooth Fairy as a tool to help your child approach dental health cheerfully.

The Tooth Fairy likes healthy teeth.

Children grow up hearing about the quarter or dollar under a pillow for each baby tooth. What they don’t hear is anything in regards to the health of that lost tooth. Healthy teeth are pretty teeth, and children are naturally inclined to like attractive things. Explain to them that the Tooth Fairy prefers healthy teeth. She may even be inclined to offer more than just a token dollar for a good-looking tooth. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to shell out extra money; for a lost tooth, include a note from the Tooth Fairy congratulating your child on having such excellent dental hygiene. Add a playful toothbrush or some flavored children’s toothpaste to encourage your child to go right into more dental care.

The Tooth Fairy rewards dental care.

A fear of the dentist is one of the most common phobias in the modern world. To a child, it can be a terrifying experience filled with discomfort and strange events. If your child is going to the dentist and they feel it has no reasoning beyond ‘you have to go,’ they’re not going to be inclined to feel favorably about a return visit. Before a dental check-up or procedure, tell your child that the Tooth Fairy is a friend of dentists and likes to reward children who visit them regularly. Sugar-free gum, a small toy or a coloring book can be the Tooth Fairy’s little reward to be discovered the next morning for taking a dental visit in stride.

The Tooth Fairy talks to parents, too.

Have you been struggling to get your child to brush their teeth every night? Is flossing a tiresome chore that leaves your child disgruntled and you irritated? Hygiene isn’t meant to be fun, but positive reinforcement is the strongest tool in any parent’s box. Keep an eye on your child’s dental hygiene and let the Tooth Fairy reward accordingly. Did your child go straight to brush their teeth before bed? A note from the Tooth Fairy can reinforce that behavior. Children should always have small efforts noticed and rewarded, especially when it comes to learning behaviors that will benefit them in the future. Having the Tooth Fairy praise them for flossing without fussing or brushing their teeth after Halloween candy will make them feel proud that their efforts were noticed.

Just as how Santa Claus is eventually going to fade from a child’s belief system, so too will the Tooth Fairy. It’s possible for a family to make ‘the Tooth Fairy’ into a tool that will help a child learn the importance of dental hygiene and make the process fun. With the Tooth Fairy firmly on your side, a clever parent has the ability to turn routine tasks into something a child helps with and endures, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded.

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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and Disease Free

Dental Tips For Busy Parents and Their Children

People today are busier than ever. Many busy parents are neglecting basic care, including dental hygiene. In many cases, children are not getting the proper dental care either. The good news is that there are many things busy parents can do to stay on top of their dental hygiene:

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking water is one of the simplest things people can do to keep their smiles healthy. That is why it is a good idea to keep a pitcher full of water in the refrigerator. You may also want to keep some water bottles in the car so that you and your kids can drink water while on the go.

Keep Toothpaste And Toothbrushes At The Kitchen Sink

It will be a lot easier for you to brush your teeth after meals if you keep toothpaste and toothbrushes at your kitchen sink. Regular brushing not only removes food from in between your teeth, but it also helps prevent plaque from building up. Make sure that toothbrushes are replaced at least once every three months.

Make Good Snack Choices

You may have been told that snacking is something you should avoid because it is bad for your teeth. However, it is important to remember there are many healthy snacks that can help keep your teeth healthy. Cubed cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, rice cakes and whole wheat crackers are examples of some of the healthy snacks you and your children can eat.

Chew Gum

Contrary to popular belief, chewing gum is not always bad for your teeth. Sugar-free gum that has been sweetened with xylitol is the best type to chew. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating a meal can stimulate saliva production. This flow of saliva helps neutralize acids. It can also help get food particles off of the teeth.

Use Fluoride Rinses

Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel and greatly reduce the risk of cavities. That is why you and your children should use a fluoride rinse every night.

Drink Sugary Beverages Through A Straw

Sugary beverages can cause serious damage to your teeth. It is best to limit your consumption of sugary beverages. However, if you drink sugary beverages, then you can minimize potential damage by drinking the beverages through a straw. You reduce the amount of the beverage that comes in contact with your teeth by drinking through a straw. You should also rinse your mouth out with water after you finish drinking your beverage.

Keep Travel Toothbrush And Toothpaste On Hand

You may not always have the time to brush your teeth on a busy day when you are rushing to get out of the door. Fortunately, you can still brush while you are on the go. That is why it is a good idea to keep some toothpaste and toothbrushes on hand while you are traveling.

Use Floss Picks

Using floss picks is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy while you are on the go. The reason floss picks are effective is because they can easily fit in between your teeth. Not only do they help keep your gums and teeth healthy, but they can also freshen your breath. In many cases, bad breath is caused by the buildup of food particles in between the teeth.

Educate Your Children

Children who develop good dental hygiene habits early will most likely continue them once they hit adulthood. That is why it is important to educate your children about why brushing and flossing is necessary. You will also need to talk to them about making healthy food choices.

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